How we Work with Authors

Kitsap Publishing

"With technological innovation and an extra-mile service attitude, we publish your book professionally and distribute your work to bookstores and libraries worldwide."



  • We create a strategic publication and marketing plan for the book.
  • We produce the first batch of advance review copies and initiate a pre-sale  and review period.


Initial Meeting

  • An author sets up an Appointment with us or we approach an author to discuss publishing goals. 
  • Manuscript Evaluation Period 
  • Negotiating and signing of a publishing agreement


Marketing, Delivery and Distribution

  • We release the book to all bookstores and libraries worldwide.
  • Our team manages and executes the book marketing plan with the author.
  • We continuously improve the availability, appearance, and publicity of the book. 

How we Work with Authors

Publishing in Six Steps 

For us, offering a royalty program to our authors is not only a financial matter. Receiving royalties from published work comes with responsibility and an incentive to make the work a beststeller. Many of the self-publishing service companies offer 100% royalties, which is an indicator that they are not even interested in the success of your work. In contrast, we see your work as a valuable asset that can create income for both, the author and the publisher when promoted correctly. This is why we can offer a free entry publishing package and very affordable entry packages for serious writers. We offer you a royalty plan with 10% to 40% in our standard packages, and individual agreements can be made per author depending on the marketability of the book, existing author platform, and given discounts. Here is a sample report:








In this stage, the author negotiates the publishing agreement. We will use our contract template and customize it based on the author's and the publisher's requirements. Adjustments are mostly done for the author royalty percentage, books received by the author and an initial fee or author advance. 

With our package deals, we supply the author with their first batch of free perfect bound softcover books before the official release date, so the author can create their own buzz for the book. 

Before the book will be available in bookstores and before the official release date, the book will be made available to individuals and groups that can preview the book and review it. All relevant feedback collected from the review copy will be incorporated in the released book. 

The pre-release book can be sold to early buyers locally or to interest groups that like to receive a copy of the book before it is officially released. The revenue from the sales of the pre-release copy can contribute to the creation of a fund for later publicity and marketing efforts. 

In this phase, the book will be submitted to Ingram, our main distribution partner. Bookstores and libraries can pre-order the book from Ingram and authors can already schedule their book signing events at bookstores, which can carry the book in their bookshelfs going forward. 

All efforts will be combined to promote and publicize the book. Funds will be used from the presale phase and divided into marketing and publicity initiatives. 

Initialization – Publishing Agreement

Galley Proof – First Printed Proof Copy for the Author

Advance Review Copy – Copies of the book before the official release

Pre-Release Sales 

Publication – Official Release of the Book

Professional Promotion

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